Storm Staples: Milk, Bread, Eggs... oh, and Ginger Root (for ojida)

I normally do not write two posts in one day, but is anybody else experiencing storm craziness out there? I mean, we live in New York, we have experienced two feet of snow before. Well, anyway...

I am not a storm panicker, but my four-legged buddy was out of food, and we legitimately needed milk. I was not craze-buying. Seriously.

When I saw the back up on Jericho Turnpike, I was stunned. The gas lines were reminiscent of (shhh Hurricane Sandy.) Vehicles wrapped around blocks. But come on, the pet store parking lot... full? Was everybody else just running low as well? Okay then.

Once I got my cart in the supermarket parking lot, I thought, let me just get in and get out. Snap, snap. Everybody must have had the same thought, because people all around me dashed into the supermarket, flashes of friction coming off the wheels on the curb. But once we were inside, none of us knew why we were there.

The store had set up a special storm table that included shovels, ice melt and half pies in clear plastic containers. (What else does one do when one is stuck in the house?) We can live without Ice Melt, but not pie.

We all walked around like zombies, noticing things we never saw before, like, wow, is peanut butter really four dollars? I wished we could have a meeting down the soda aisle, all exchange ideas... get a list going, because the looks on everybody's faces who passed me was way too distracting (I also know that I wore the same one.)

I am going to confess that without a list, I buy strange things, like if anybody needs Triscuits this weekend, or ginger root, or recycled paper towels.... (Do you not hate being out of paper towels during a storm?

Trader Joe has that great ginger candy for heartburn, indigestion, whatever you call it. But ever since I tried that sore throat recipe I posted on here, I discovered that fresh ginger root is great for sore throats and ojida. In fact, I would not recommend this for a flavor sensation, but I actually bit into the root (like something out Gone With the Wind) by the time I got to the supermarket parking lot. Works like a charm.

So whether you shop over the next several hours because you are out of something or because you were taught to prepare for disaster by purchasing milk, bread and eggs, may I make a suggestion?

Do not forget your list.